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We are highly experienced friendly property management company, with a portfolio of business based in Hythe with properties in Hythe, Sandgate and Folkestone.

We are here for your convenience, safety and peace of mind. Promptly and properly looking after your property as if it were our home.








We offer clear, straightforward and impartial advice and deal with the full range of maintenance, planning and administrative tasks.

Our expertise also extends to listed buildings and conservation areas.

We belong to the Property Redress Scheme







Residents management committees, whose members each own their homes, sharing the freehold and needing a co-ordinated approach to those joint issues.

Board members who have been elected by the residents to look after their interests.

Freeholders who own leasehold properties.

Owners who let out their properties and need our services to manage them, including matters raised by their tenants. 


Managing agents, solicitors, chartered surveyors, accountants, builders, painters, carpenters, gardeners.

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If you are a Property Owner looking for a manager, or if you're already with us, find out about the numerous management services we provide for properties.
Find out how we work with prospective and current tenants, to ensure ease of transition, financial matters, and the conditions of property.
While we're always there to help, you may find some of these online services more convenient.
We've listed some useful resources, as well as some of the services we recommend.