Property Management

Property Management



Is a specialised task, understanding flat owners needs and meeting those needs, not only of each block, also of the individual owners and the different personalities who live there. Each block differs in building type, be they purpose built or large houses converted to flats. Our experience working with local government, business and individuals results in us being able to smoothly communicate with the world and provide the required services.


Similarly, we understand the official requirements for properties, and we resolve that headache for you.



Maintenance and Provision



Employing, supervising and paying gardeners, cleaners, window cleaners and caretakers

Engaging the services of chartered surveyors and engineers, when needed

Supervising building works

Obtaining quotes for building works to be carried out

Putting Asbestos and Fire checks in place

Finding the best utility company for the block's communal energy needs.
Answering the solicitors' questions when flats are bought and sold, producing shares where needed

Organising Annual General Meetings in suitable venues

Section 20 complied with when necessary

Ensuring the properties are adequately insured and dealing with any insurance claims.



Producing End of Year Accounts

Producing Cash Flow Forecasts

Filing for Companies House

Sending out maintenance demands and banking payments

We can email or post to owners, payments to the banks can be made online or by direct debit.