Residential Services


If it's the beginning, the end, or during the residency, we manage the process start to finish.

New Tenants

Moving On


When it comes to looking for new tenants we're there to; advertise and show property to prospective tenants, select suitable tenants from all the applicants, obtain references on prospective tenants from banks and employers, see tenants into property

And of course, check with them that all is in working order.



And when a tenant is moving on we'll be there to; deal with mail for previous occupants, inspect the properties when tenants leave, collect any charges for damage, cleaning, and garden maintenance, as well as assessing the need for redecoration and repairs or updating the property, obtaining the quotes from able tradesmen and supervising the work being carried out, and finally ensuring all the services have a forwarding address and raise their bills with the right person. For money matters we can:

Collect rents, accounting to owners periodically
Email or post to owners, payments to the banks can be made directly into their accounts or by cheque
And other financial issues like advising on insurance claims.




Conditions and Standards

We can handle utilities, for example we:

Read meters for gas and electricity

Inform providers of gas, electricity, water and sewerage, and the local authority responsible for collecting Council Tax.
But we're also here to make sure the property is looked after, which is why we will ensure doors, locks, windows, cupboards, taps, central heating, and garden are in good state, and generally seeing to repairs as needed.